SuperView 480s Freeview Satellite Receiver Set-Up

With BLIND SCAN feature, installation for the SuperView 480 satellite receiver couldn’t be easier. Enjoy crystal clear Freeview TV in no time.  Follow INSTRUCTION below !


Step 1
Press Menu button on your remote to go to the Main menu page, select Installation then Blind Search


Step 2
Find Optus D1 from Satellite Name list, press OK to select, select FTA Only in Scan Mode, then press RED key to do TP Scan  


Step 3
Scan in process...


Step 4
The receiver will scan and automatically find new channels.
Depending on location and signal strength, the search process will take around 4 to 10 minutes.  Once the process is done, save your setting.
Enjoy crystal clear Satellite TV.


Factory Default
If you have entered incorrect data, can not change them back, simply reset the receiver to Factory Default, then start the set up again from STEP1.

Sometimes if you do the initial set up when the weather is bad, signal is too weak to be detected. so maybe you can try again, when it is good weather.  Reset the box to Factory default again, then do a Blind Scan, see if you can get more channels.

Go to Menu - Installation - Clear Data then OK



Confirm Factory Default, enter default password "0000".  Receiver will be reset to its original status.




See Installation Guide For Other Receiver