Supernet 4200s Freeview Satellite Receiver Set-Up

The new Supernet 4200s satellite receiver is specially designed  for New Zealand Freeview TV, which means if you are having problem with the satellite receiver / decoder box, simply reset the box to Factory Default. 

As you may notice, more and more new Freeview stations become available all the time, so it would be a good idea to scan for new channels from time to time, so you will not miss any new programs.  Follow the simple instruction below, you will enjoy all free TV all year round.


Reset your digital satellite receiver
If you have entered incorrect data, can not change them back, simply go to Factory Default.

Press Menu button on your remote to go to the Main menu page, select Installation
Once it is reset, the receiver box will go back to the settings that are designed for Freeview, you then ask the receiver box to scan  for Freeview channels.


Select Factory Default then OK.
Once it is reset, the receiver box will go back to the settings that are designed for Freeview, you can then follow the steps below to scan for Freeview channels.


Change LNB setting
Before you scan new channels, you might need to check your LNB setting.

By default, the LNB setting in the software is set to 11300MHz.  Check the label on your LNB (LNB is the little device that is attached to your satellite dish arm), make a note of the frequency (usually shown as “LO FREQ”.  The most common settings are 11300 and 10750 MHz).

From the Installation menu, select Automatic Channel Search


Check that Optus D1_Ku Satellite is selected.  Copy the number shown on your LNB label to LNB Low, as shown on left.  Leave the LNB High as is.  Remember to SAVE any change you have made.

Sample shown below are with setting for 11300.

TIPS: Try 11300 and 10750 first before you get out of your couch, it might just work, as they are the most common LNB settings.  It might save your trip to physically check your LNB.


Scan for new channels
From the Automatic Channel Search menu, select Search, the receiver box will search and find all available Freeview channels.

You may just select FTA (Free to Air), as you won’t be able to watch any scramble signal (e.g. Paid TV).


Automatically searching for channels.


Showing TV and radio stations found on the screen when  search is finished.

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