Strong SRT4300E/SRT4304E Freeview Satellite Receiver Set Up

With Smart BLIND SCAN, installation for the Strong SRT4300E/4304E satellite receiver couldn’t be easier. Enjoy crystal clear Freeview TV in no time.  There is NO NEED to enter any parameter, the receiver will take care of itself.  Follow INSTRUCTION below !


Step 1
Press Menu button on your remote to go to the Main menu page, select INSTALLATION then Satellite List, press OK.


Step 2
Select Blind Scan, press OK.   


Step 3
Simply press RED button to Scan. To receive Freeview TV, your satellite dish should have pointed to Optus D1 satellite. Don't worry if the screen here shows other names instead of Optus D1 on the Satellite list, as the receiver will use whatever signal it receives from your dish, it does not matter what name it shows here.




Factory Default
If you have entered incorrect data, can not change them back, simply reset the receiver to Factory Default, then start the set up again from STEP1.

Sometimes if you do the initial set up when the weather is bad, signal is too weak to be detected. so maybe you can try again, when it is good weather.  Reset the box to Factory default again, then do a Blind Scan, see if you can get more channels.

Go to Menu then SYSTEM SETTING, select Factory Default, then OK.  Enter password to confirm (by default it is 0000)




Timer Settings
To set up Timer Record, follow instruction below. 


Step 1


Step 2
In TIMER SETTING, scroll down to Recorder Set.


Step 3
urn Recorder Set to ON.


Step 4
Go to Start Time to set your desired start time.  Do the same to set Stop Time.  Finally, press the YELLOW key to save.




See Installation Guide For Other Receiver